We love hearing from our many success stories that have become part of the Surro Connections family. Our surrogate clients and Intended parents are very close to us and we would love to share with your a few of their words of happiness.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are so far with Surro Connection and especially Megan. She is not only very responsive but, also very pro-active. Great choice and suggestion to use her!!


Megan is a first class individual whom you can trust and her word is her bond. She is an expert in the field of surrogacy and her advice can be relied on and trusted. She helped us through the entire process and truly showed devotion and sense of caring. Megan always returns email, phone call and text in a prompt manner with reliable, trusted answers. Megan helps coordinate travel, lodging and food options, when needed. She has many connections in the legal and medical field necessary for a successful surrogacy journey. We are highly impressed with her professionalism, friendship and genuine sense of caring. We strongly recommend if you are considering surrogacy you consult with Megan Hall to answer any questions. She is a great choice, from start to finish, for a surrogacy journey. She runs a top class agency and is extremely honest, you will be impressed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


We would recommend Surrogate Connections to anyone interested in expanding their family in this way. Unlike big agencies, Surrogate Connections takes a personal approach. Megan Hall is excellent at bringing Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers together. She is also highly skilled at making connections throughout each part of the process. We are so excited about our newest family member!


Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are so far with Surro Connection and especially Megan. She is not only very responsive but, also very pro-active. Great choice and suggestion to use her!!

Very Happy

After interviewing several agencies we were happy that we chose Surro Connections! They are a group of very supportive, trustworthy and experienced people! It was so scary jumping in not having done this before but they guided us thru each step! We liked that they not only supported us but our surrogate as well thru the entire journey! We would choose them again, and just may if we decide to do another journey! So thankful for their services


We are so fortunate and proud new fathers as I write this review only 21 months after we met Megan from Surro-Connections. Our journey was more than we could have hoped for and thankfully we can say that it was very smooth sailing for us. Our immediate impression with Megan was that she was the real deal! Having been a surrogate herself we knew she had the best intentions and would be able to feel who we were and who it was that we were looking for. We couldn’t have been more correct and her instinct to match us with our perfect Surrogate was the beginning of our perfect dream coming true. We engaged Surro Connection to oversee the entire journey for us and they effortlessly lead us to the right IVF clinic and lawyers. They managed our budget and even advised us on how we could save some much needed funds which was greatly appreciated. As an international client they answered all of our queries promptly and professionally even with our challenging difference in time zones! We greatly appreciate that even though there were some set backs, (and there always will be on a journey like this), my partner and I always felt fully supported by Megan. She was understanding, so kind and caring and always had a positive solution to make the next step happen. Her calmness, confidence and expertise was there every step of the way and this is a part of the entire team at Surro-Connection. We will always be forever grateful to Megan and could not recommend this agency any higher. They are amazing and if you want a Dream Team then this is a great place to start.


Families Through Surrogacy

After interviewing a few prospective agencies we were confident that our decision to have an American based surrogacy agency was the right choice for us. We also wanted this to be a heart based decision which lead us to surroconnections. We met Megan and she was so clear and re-assuring, knowledgable and she also had experience as a surrogate which gave us invaluable insight. Surroconnect are also partnered with great lawyers and worked hand in hand with one of the best IVF clinics in the country. It made our journey seamless and we were able to avoid any additional stress. Megan and her team gave us amazing support all the way and we felt them genuine, honest, caring and capable. Surroconnections also had the expertise to help save us money, match us quickly and bring an amazing result being our beautiful son born only 21 months after our very first meeting. We couldn’t have been happier and highly recommend this agency.

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