Intended Parent Consultation

The first step in the surrogacy process is an in depth consultation. This face-to-face meeting allows us to get the best assessment of your needs and expectations.

Finding a Surrogate

Our goal is to find you the person that you want to make this journey with. When searching for a Surrogate Mother, there is a lot you will want to know before entering into this type of relationship.

After registering on our site, We will contact you to go over the next steps in your journey. We want you to have an individualized experience. Then we can discuss surrogates. Once chosen, you may also want to schedule a joint therapeutic session to learn more about each other. When you feel good about a particular Surrogate, we can move forward with the surrogacy process. You will want to be sure that you have a strong connection with your carrier, and that there is mutual trust, respect and understanding between the two of you.

The Surrogacy Process 1The Next Steps

  • Medical Evaluation of the Parents and their Surrogate
  • Psychological Consult for the Parents
  • Review of Health Insurance for Surrogate, Child & Parents
  • Agency Match Agreement between Parents and Surrogate
  • Establish the Escrow Account
  • Legal Contract Process
  • Commencement of the IVF Cycle
  • Pregnancy
  • Judgment of Parentage Process (pre-birth order)
  • Preparation for your Child’s Birth
  • Preparation for the Child’s departure home (International Clients)