The Surro Connections Story

Surro Connections, established in 2010 and led by Megan Hall-Greenberg, offers a deeply personal and experienced approach to surrogacy. With over 50 years of combined experience our knowledgeable and compassionate team has played a crucial role in hundreds of babies meeting their loving parents.

Over the years, we have nurtured strong and enduring relationships with the families we’ve assisted on their journey to parenthood through surrogacy. The dedication to a personalized, human-centered experience has resulted in a community of families who not only achieve their dreams of parenthood through our services, but also remain connected with us as a source of ongoing support and shared joy.

These stories reflect the strength found in embracing alternative paths to parenthood and the enduring connections forged along the way.

The story of an Intended Mother & Intended Father who came to us after cancer rendered her unable to conceive. The resilience and courage exhibited by this family was incredible to witness. By providing a path to parenthood through surrogacy, we not only helped them overcome hurdles of infertility caused by cancer, but also witnessed the triumph of hope, and determination. The continued updates from mom and dad serve as a reminder of the power of surrogacy in the lives of this family forever.

In the inspiring journey of two married men, D & G. This couple sought our services to fulfill their dream of growing their family. Through the surrogacy process, we connected them with a surrogate that was perfect for them, helped navigate the legal system with the best professionals, advocated for them & their surrogate at each turn, all the while witnessing the anticipation and joy of this couple as they achieved parenthood not once, or twice… but three times. Today they are a beautiful family of 5!

In the empowering journey of a single Intended Mother who engaged Surro Connections for support, ready to embrace parenthood, determined to experience the profound joys of raising a child on her own terms. She was matched with an incredible surrogate and together they developed a deep bond of support and connection through the pregnancy that has lasted many years beyond. Surro Connections acknowledges and celebrates the unique journey of single parenthood, recognizing that the decision to pursue surrogacy arises from a deeply rooted desire to experience the transformative role of being a parent. We are so grateful for this connection and the opportunity to watch this mother-son journey together on earth continue with so much love.

At Surro Connections, you’re not just a client; you’re part of a community, a growing family, and a story we feel privileged to be a part of. Reach out to our team today and begin your chapter to growing your family through surrogacy.

Our Committment

Whether you are an Intended Parent or a Surrogate, we want you to know that we care about every detail of your journey. We are committed to being there for you every step of the way. In your search you will find many websites offering to help on your journey. What makes us different is that we go on the journey with you.

We understand that everyone has unique circumstances, and we cater to those individual needs. The ultimate goal is not only a successful pregnancy, but a great experience for all parties throughout the entire process. Your experience is our experience.