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Bringing a new life into the world is a deeply personal decision. By taking time to understand the details of how surrogacy works, you can step forward confidently, knowing that you’ve done your homework.

While these questions and answers will get you started, surrogacy is an experience as unique as the individuals involved. After you have read through the information on our site, we would love to schedule a consultation with you, whether you are an Intended Parent or wish to become a Surrogate yourself.

The most important thing to know about how our agency works is that we stay involved in the process, helping everyone through this journey in a positive and loving manner.


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We work with both couples and individuals from all walks of life regardless of age, marital status, sexual orientation or ethnic background. If you want to have a baby, we want to help.

It is common for prospective parents to worry that the Surrogate will not give up the baby when he or she is born. But, this rarely happens. In the cases where this has occurred, it was usually related to traditional surrogacy where there is a genetic relationship between the child and the Surrogate. For everyone’s protection, Surrogates with Surro Connections will have entered into a valid and enforceable contract with the intent that the child she will be carrying is that of the Intended Parent(s). Legal and physical custody will go to the Intended Parents.

We have a screening process that helps us to find the most suitable Surrogates, ones that are determined to be both emotionally and mentally prepared for surrogacy. This process greatly reduces the risk of psychological stress related to the situation after delivery. Surrogates are not women who want more children of their own. They are women who simply desire to help another person or couple experience the joy of parenthood.

A surrogacy arrangement is unique to the individuals involved. We like to find out up-front what level of involvement you are comfortable with. We will also discuss what the Surrogate expects.

We encourage our parents to have open communication with their Surrogate and allow the relationship and/or friendship to develop during the course of this process. Whether you can go to all the appointments together or not, a certain degree of on-going communication is important. This will help you feel connected to the pregnancy and child, and ensure that relevant information is shared. We work hard to ensure that everyone feels that we have found the right match for them, and that the relationship is what everyone needs and expects it to be.

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